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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gramma ^_^

Ok so since this is a Knitting Blog, why not take a moment to pimp my grandma right ?
meanwhile I bet the internet is like a whole crazy idea to her, after all she told me once pasta was dairy...Ok I am getting sidetracked. This is the woman who introduced me to knitting. in this photo, she is actually showing me how to recover a dropped stitch on some armwarmers I made out of Noro :)
She would probably kill me because she doesn't have her make up on.. but she doesnt have a computer, so I think I am safe.

The interesting thing is that the women at my LYS HATE ME. Now I have discussed this with Knittykat at great length, but part of me questions this. If I walked into a LYS, and say my gramma was there, she'd probably hate me too. I dont know if they think I'm snobby or just looking at knitting as a new fad(in their eyes), but I would like to think I know my shit quite a bit.
Enough to knit for almost 4 years !
I heard a Cast On podcast that actually addressed this quite a bit and i gotta say - Seasoned ladies of the Fiber - Look,
*Knitting is not a fad to me
*I need to be knitting, it's mandatory, not a choice
*You can all pretend to hate me or think whatever the fuck you want
*Kiss my ass I am not going anywhere !!!!!

So cut the shitty attitude, if I am not hanging out at the shop - it is because you are a bunch of catty bitches, so hand me my cascade and drop the TUDE !

My grandma likes me fine, and so she's all the matriarchial influence I need.
Plus all my "crafty girls I chat it up with on the internet".

Things I really like about my grandma
*she knit me slippers, dresses, jackets, and a kick ass afghan that I still covet
*she loves butterflies
*she can cook the best rugelach on the planet
*she tells me I'm a shit if we haven't spoken in a really long time
*I cant have a conversation with her without hearing things like "so what's gonna be with you", or calling me "darling" at the end of the call
*that when i show her my knitting, she immediately points out the mistakes and tells me she can fix it
*she used to smuggle banana bread out of Seniors for me, a buffet she used to take me to on Kings Highway in Brooklyn
* She has an infectious laugh that far surpasses mine and you cant help but laugh when you hear it
*No matter how much I tease her - she still loves me and says I am her favorite ;)

I gotta get back to watching sharks maul people and knit up some baby sleeves ^_^


  • At 11:30 AM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Awww, that's a really cute pic! I love it! Unfortunately for me the closest I could get was learning on my grandmas' needles and hooks; you are lucky to have her around to show you the ropes :-)

    Don't let the crabby ladies get you down. They have their own issues! If you wanna impress them bring in your knit-at-the-same-time-on-magic-loop socks and show THEM off! Or not, 'cause you don't have to prove yourself to them!


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