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Monday, June 02, 2008

So tomorrow -
I finish submitting all paperwork to be a student. Thursday night is the mixer to meet the other new students. Mr. T is going, despite the fact he is crazy shy around new people. I am just anxious to get started.  I went to buy some shoes for school and wound up getting big clunky Dr. Scholls clog/shoes. Yeah I am rather iffy about them, but I need to have comfortable feet if I am going to be standing a lot.  Other than this, I am eating alot of Kale, and trying to do the right things with my health. I keep trying to upload pictures, but blogger is way anti regarding my wishes ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, well, well.
So it's been forever since I wrote in this thing. From the looks of it a few of my blogging friends have too! So much for proclaiming myself hating about not blogging, but here's a good update.

Been married over 6 months now - and loving it. 

Have been cooking tons of vegan food. Kale is the greatest thing, and I've been trolling for recipes. Here's a few links if you can see them.
These have become staples this past two weeks.

Have decided to go back to school at the Aveda Institute and should be making my video for admissions at this very moment.

Was working for the craziest fundamentalist jerk on the planet and now back on the unemp.
(soon to be ending I am sure)

Still not having baby fever, and thinking something is fundamentally wrong with me.

Haven't knitted in quite a while actually. The back to school vest had me ripping out and re-doing once it came to carrying the stitches for the top darts. This is what happens when you knit alone since no one is around to show me anymore. Since Grandma had her stroke, she's been in and out of it and really can't show me anything since one hand doesn't function.

We adopted my mom's cat, and now we have 3. Thank goodness I am married and not clinically crazy as the story goes. His name is Kashmir, but I call him sweetieface, chewbacca, and since the lion king, Mufasa.

I got an iphone! and it's the craziest thing since I am totally not going to have a dime. The husby thought I should have it. Nice present huh?

We saw the Kids in the Hall this past week and they were hysterical - what a great show!

We went to see the Lion King, and I cried like 5 times. No kidding, the music just breaks me down. Like when Mary J. Blige sings, I get all varklempt..

I really am looking forward to going to beauty school, I want to make people feel good about themselves and learn some discipline in order to change my life. I really am on the track for a career in something I always wanted to do, but was afraid to leap. Now it's starting in a few weeks! Hence the need to do so many social things now. My week will be Tues - through Sat, with sundays and mondays off. (poo to that, but it'll be over in 11 months!)

I am trying to add pics, but it's failing. I will put them in! Just not now. I need to make my video!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been Crafty in the Kitchen

I think I better start knitting again though. Cooking helps distract from the fact that I'll be jobless, but not as much as knitting. I'm going to be making a baby something for my new Cousin-in-law's soon to be born boychild.

Last night I made roasted veggies with Herbs de Provence' - Fancy Schmancy? Not so much, but I can not deny my love for thyme.
parsnips, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, yellow pepper, garlic, red onion, carrots, sweet potatoes - over quinoa with some nutritional yeast - oh man, I could have this every day.
Also, for the 1st time I took a crack at making veggie broth. I used all the scraps from dinner and some additional veggies and hebs (thyme of course) and now I have a whole pitcher of this fantastic smelling/tasting veggie broth! If only I had the patience to make seitan. Maybe I will anyway.

All I know is it's Friday and I can not wait to get out of here. There's so much that needs to be done at the house and we are going to KAREOKE tonight!! Jocelyn's boyfriend is having a b-day soiree there and I wanna sing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ONE MONTH!! Married a month ago Today!!

Yes, it has been terrific. I FReAkIn love him.
Here's the month recap: (in fragments)
Cooked together, had vegan Thanksgiving
Watched alot of movies, even though we had plans all the time, btw, Dogville is a difficult watch
Existenz is what makes Cronenberg great
Got some goodies for ourselves at LUSH, and I am hooked
Still havent killed the petunias that were hanging from the arch, and still haven't sent thank you's
The cats don't notice the difference that a month has passed
I got my new laptop
Tacky, tacky, and cracky seem to have felt ostracised at the reception, well what do you expect when you skip the ceremony and show up in crappy tees and jeans with a coked out guest that wasnt invited?
Vera Wang Champagne Glasses
The neighbors raided our avocado tree when we were away visiting my grandma who apparently thinks her latest roomate's name should be squeeky, and squeeky's face is as ugly as a fart...yeah getting old must be rough.
Still laid off, yet looking forward to a break and distance from the college and DOE.
My parents seem to be happy
Gord is doing well
Kathy's baby is adorable
Erin's baby doesnt like Santa
Coral is 3 and still crushes and has tea parties with Uncle T
Made basil cilantro pesto with Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta last night and it ROCKED
I AM HAPPY....Have a happy day too!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ok I totally think the pics are cute, but I freaking hate the LOLcatz.
The husband sent this to me today and I am so glad to see Cat Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More wedding pics ^_^

Good Grief I love my husband. He's the best.

Monday, November 26, 2007

So? How was your Thanksgiving?

Duuude. We cooked it up.
We made:

Rutabega puree with agave and coconut milk
Butternut squash curry soup
Roasted Brussel sprouts
Butternut squash chestnut oniony stuffing
sweet potato and red pepper biscuits
Seitan Cutlets with mustard caper sauce
spinach pine nut hummus
sundried tomato tapenade over toasted focaccia
oh yeah and candied ginger macadamia carrot cake with coconut frosting.
T did the cooking and I did the sous'ing. It was weird not being the master of every dish, and just the prep cook, but he did really well and it was so much fun owning the kitchen with my Husband ^_^ (really so fun to say!)

ALL VEGAN and DAMN Good!!!!!!
Pics to follow, because I am at work.. and of course doing what I shouldn't.
AT some point I will upload a cute video of my mom & Mr. T playing Rabbids on the Wii.

So after much resistance, and 10 million episodes of What not to Wear, I have updated my wardrobe and went and got a haircut yesterday. So pics definitely pending.
Still looking and applying for jobs, and hoping not to be on unemployment.
Also, since my G4's dying, I put in an order for a new macbook.
Yes I am joining the brethren for a sweet lil white one.
It's time, and T said he will help me pay for it, even though I feel as buying a new laptop is not what I need to do when approaching the jobless market.
But as the marketing goes, I need an upgrade.

pics pending!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I still cannot rest.

Thanksgiving is this weekend - DUH!
Meanwhile I was going to make a turkey, even though I haven't eaten meat all year, and thanks to cable - Gordon Ramsey in particular - I WILL NOT DO IT!

He had a portable slaughterhouse van come to his property, and they hung the turkeys from their feet, put a baton in their mouth and zapped them with 600 volts. I have never been a militant advocate on many things, but I just can't cook something that has gone through that. Not on Thanksgiving or any day of the year. No sir, I don't like it. I was in shock, no lie for an hour.
The turkeys weren't.even.dead.
and then they slit their throats and put a baggie over the head and then got to plucking.

Still scarred from this.

Ok so in happy stuff - look at my husband ^_^ & family ^_^

Yes, if you haven't caught on, the husband who wanted nothing to do with children, thinks we should have a baby. I think I should lose 50 pounds.
No matter what, my bra lady wins ;)

So in job news I applied to something new today that would really be terrific if I can get it. Otherwise I am hating it here... Ok goodbye negative thoughts....
did I mention we are making 12 dishes to compensate for not cooking a turkey?
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