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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bolero Update - and Tv Party !!! :)

If anyone is reading this and wants to know, the 1st sleeve of the bolero is done, the second one has been started, and last night I watched a great documentary about a show called Glenn O'Brien's Tv Party. This was a public access show that started in the 70's and went on through about to 1983. Guests on the show regularly were Blondie, Jean Michel Basquiat, and was partially hosted by Fab 5 Freddy of Yo Mtv Raps fame. There were cameos of Mick Jones from the Clash, Robert Mapplethorpe, George Clinton, Klaus Nomi, and many more. I grew up as a 70's baby and felt a real connection with the nostalgia of the show..(My dad worked in NYC and we would cross over from NJ all the time to hang out in the Lower East Side and Soho while I grew up.) It was really awesome, so if you care about punk, and art - Try and find the documentary ! ( Yb thinks it's simply called Tv Party)

Also, speaking of art, I have been reading about Ron Mueck.
I cant seem to upload an image right now, but here's a link to see what he does.
I think he is possibly my favorite artist right now ^_^

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