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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OMFG !Twilight Singers ROCKED MY WORLD TONIGHT !!!!!!
Here's a taste of the sexiness...and Mr. T is totyally laughing at me for loving on it so much...."Oh now you are VLOGGING ?"
He's lucky I bought his skinny ass a ticket ;)

Peep it
Greg Dulli and Mark Lannegan will rock my knickers forever.
They played their asses off and Greg jumped up from the piano and danced then threw himself on his knees. T denies it but Greg and I locked eyes and nodded smiling to eachother. it was a rockstar eye contact moment. Believe it or not - it wasnt the alcohol. IT HAPPENED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was the greatest night since my birthday.. Even better than getting the job.
Even better than getting fired.
They even covered I'm on Fire by Bruce Springsteen....
They could sing What the world needs now and my hips would quiver !
HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus it was a nonsmoking venue. more shows to come !!
Oh I love, love, love Greg Dulli !


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