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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Welcome Wes Kennedy Wheeler !!!!

Erin & Eric finally had their baby on friday !
T & I went to see them yesterday and I cried in less than 2 minutes of seeing him. He's the sweetest, cutest little thing you've ever seen.
I will admit I was afraid to touch him he looked so fragile !
6 pounds and 2 epidurals - no doula.

Erin had arranged to do a natural child birth and the doula totally didnt make it on time. Plus she promised to tell me what the pain was like and she said it was like a ton of little midgets stabbing her with scalpels. So now you know.

He was totally worth it, and T got a bit misty too...he told me later ^_^

News about me ;)

I ripped out the sweater.
Totally redoing it with a pullover style and attempting a relief style skull pattern on the front ;)

Bucked up and bought 3 suits and a pair of slacks all Issac Mizrahi from Target.
I really wanted some new clothes to go with the new job, and a haircut may be in the works...

Had delicious dinner with 3 gorgeous gay men and T - E^2 was supposed to be there, but having baby took precedent...and I had a mini pumpkin stuffed with wild rice and lobster !! So yummy ! and way too much Shiraz.....

Lucky me, I think I may have persuaded Pencil Skirt to come over so I can spoil her and make lunch for a girlfriend afternoon !

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend !


  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Oh...he is so beautiful!

    Get epidural...noted ;-)

    Good for you for ripping out the sweater! I could tell you weren't happy with it. Round two!


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