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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I think I am going to rip the whole sweater out.

I tried it on yesterday and it seemed too big, and I didnt like it.
I know, it is such a waste, but I don't want to make something I wont wear. I am contemplating designing my own thing :)
It's going to be a bity of a challenge, but I am up to it.
The crappiest part of all about it is that it was 51 degrees last night, and I was so close to finishing the body I could shoot myself.
But that isnt going to happen. I am not the owner of Enron ;)
So I am gonna rip it back and see if I have the skills to do it.

Antler cables look like fun :)

Anyway, the interview is tomorrow and I need to paint my nails and iron my shirt !
Wish me luck !!!!

oh, and no proposal yet ;) he's cooking something up...


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