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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh the wait is over !

I was accepted !!!!! I don't start working for 3-4 weeks, but I got it !
Last night Mr. T and I met up with Eric, a very pregnant Erin, and Rick to celebrate with Indian Food at Taj. The waiter was horrible and totally didn't listen when we asked for seperate checks, and lets just say his tip went down for not clearing the dirty dishes. I hate that, especially since I have waited tables for many years, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE ! YOUR $ DEPENDS ON IT !!!!

Also in social and out of the house news, T and I went to see "Science of Sleep" finally. I love Gondry's style, he has such a knack for creating touching and beautiful movies - his visual style is really something fresh, yet "homagy". I say this because there was some wonderful set design, and definite influences of Svankmeyer as far as the stop motion animation. Indeed it is very dreamlike, and the charaters are likeable, but as T said it's uneven. My only conclusion is that its' flow is mimicing the unpredictable and unrealistic quality that a dream can take. I could go into the one that woke me up this morning so early, but I wont. Let's just say that if you are dealing with anything "yogurt sensitive " at the post office, it's gonna cost you.

In engagement pressure, we are going to see my rents on the weekend of the 11th, and my mom already told T she wants to see the diamond LOL ! So the pressure is on...
I think as long as he says something beautiful and heartfelt, that is all that needs to happen. Besides booking an organ grinder is probably hard work, and even more difficult to snag Tom Waits...He's a very busy man...
I promise I haven't looked in that box in almost 3 whole weeks ! but I want to....


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