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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Getting ready for the Holidays

Yesterday I bought a bunch of frames to decorate the entry wall for a family collage :)
I have a photo of my parents from their wedding, and pics of my 2 sets of grandparents, plus a old photo of T's great-grandparents. His dad gave us the photo months ago because he thought we resembled the photo. I think he said she was a shapely woman and he was skinny as a rail from the beginning to the end. Nice huh ? Jack Sprat and Lady V. I thought it was meant in a sweet way and I hope they enjoy seeing it matted and framed for Thanksgiving. Since we are engaged now I wanted to have a family photo section in the house. Seemed like the grownup thing to do, and T enjoyed hanging them for me.

I also got the Thanksgiving place card materials, Martha says you need some place cards, so I am doin' it.

Today I have been going from room to room trying to get things straightened out for Thanksgiving preparation. The bathroom is way more organized and there's plenty of space for Lily and her blankie..It was my 1st non-scarf knitting project, and she decided she likes sleeping on it.

Also on my thirfty jaunt to Michael's I picked up more yarn for xmas scarves for my goyim friends ^_^ Here's the scarf stash. The yucky one that is red and purple for a red hatter Ms. Helen - they picked the colors - not me. The two pink fluffy ones are for Noelly and Coral - Matching for mom & baby ;) The camo one is for the Daddy - Mr. Chad.
The wild pink stripey one is for Shane, and he told me what he wanted, and pastel one is on the works for his boyfriend Frankie :) I hope they will be happy with them and I HOPE THEY ARE ON TIME !!

Lots of excitement brewing and we are planning a little nature getaway with the Suders this weekend, which will be great... Mr. T is insisting we make peach cobbler in the dutch oven - I think he just wants to be the superhero to the kids ^_^
Guess if we get dirty, we really will have to be quiet this time LOL !!

Maybe I'll bring T's gloves with me on this trip...That ought to make him feel better that they are more in progress...especially since I stopped my sweater and got back on the scarf/gift bandwagon..


  • At 3:22 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Awww, there is a familiar little octopus presiding over the scarf stash :-)

    Your picture wall looks great!


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