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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lake Manatee State park - Is gorgeous !

It was a cold camping weekend, I think it got down to 40 degrees..
It was my 1st time using a mummy bag, and we slept in T's coffin shaped tent.
But I digress.. The park has trails through the woods and a lake, and it was alot quieter than Ginnie Springs - too quiet to get into any ruckus during alone time in the tent. Which was crap, but the mummy bag wouldnt have had any room to try.
I know it sounds like sour grapes from me, but if I was having such a terrible time, why did I take pictures ? Because I loved it !!!
I would definitely return to this park, the nature walks with T were so great.
Exhilarating in Fact !
Some naturey joy before I tear my hair out trying to make Thanksgiving ^_^


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