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Friday, October 19, 2007

Back into Blogging & Cooking

I have been reading the Ny Times online alot lately especially the food section.
Last night I made Mark Bittman's Zucchini Pear Puree Soup loaded with thyme.
I think thyme is one of my new fave herbs, along with cilantro and dill - hooray for them as Mr. T would say.

We met with the lady from spain ^_^ last night and the menu is gonna be bangin'.
Probably since we will be making it up and designing it. Cool Huh?
She was wide open to my ideas and I think it will be elegant. The catch is that we may have the cake delivered so it can be eaten as dessert after the meal. Better than champagne, cake and then dinner right? Things are shifting about like crazy. I can't help that I am doing this without advice the whole way through. But between that, and the fact the bra lady said the merrywidow will be in Saturday, I can't worry.

Ok maybe a little.

So my 1st boyfriend ever is getting married next May in Aruba.
T doesn't have a passport. I think I will go without him if I have to.
When else will I have a chance to take a safe trip to Aruba?
Besides, it's Jimmy and he's my oldest friend on the planet. I love that guy.
He's my last link to New Jersey, and I wanna celebrate and have a vacation somewhere!

My hotel is booked for our wedding night, that's another thing to cross off the list.
The boy/girl party is supposed to be next saturday, and I think the plans are falling apart.
As long as I can get drunk and loud with my friends, I think that is all I have the energy for at this point. I am nothing but tired and lethargic and ready to sleep.

Work is annoying and stupid.
Back to it.


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