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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh Henry.....

So last night we met up with my old school friends Jason & Mikey and two new friends and saw some Henry. 2 & 1/2 hours of the hot, animal man - who is now a silver fox ^_^
This is like the 3rd time I've seen him, and this time I didn't slip him a note and a kiss on the neck . Apparently I had caught him way off guard,a bunch of years ago, and I thought he was going smash my face in!Last night he was funny and so on point about the war, not to fear exploration of foreign countries, and just being a person.
Loved the show, although my neck and back hurt today from the mix of beer and sitting for way too long in an uncomfortable seat. TBPAC, get on replacing those $#!t seats!

Afterward catching up over more beer and laughing about old antics, I managed to be awake until 1:30 on a school night. But - when someone who was practically spending every moment of your life with you comes to visit after a long hiatus, you friggin go and stay as long as your body can handle it. I love Jason and Mikey, and I basically threatened to put the shieny curse on them if they didn't come to my wedding ^_^. Two more RSVP'd !

I am tired, and also elated.

In knitting news, my vest is just magically working up fast, and we now have KNITTY GRITTY!
I was having some vegan chocolate orange cake as a prize for an excruciating day at work, and a beer or two to get ready for the show, and Mr. T says,
"The cable was installed today and I subscribed us to get your knitting show Knitty Gritty. There's one in there right now."

I screamed with delight and put it on immediately. In 5 minutes i learned how to carry yarn over so you dont have to weave in the ends after you finish the project!!
Vicki Howell - I love you, love the show and I think you rock it - and hard.
I swear, there is no greater way to say if I wasnt getting married, I'd do something natural and supernatural to that woman in thanks that cant be defined even in the hanky code.

But I decided to thank Mr. T for a wonderful night instead.
I'm going to slip into auto pilot now...

Oh! and dinner at the house with Pencil Skirt on Sunday was kick ass as well.
I love that girl. She gave the sweetest little dainty bracelet! Still wearing it.
It was my massive pleasure to thank her for driving across town with a menu consisting of:

Great Northern Bean Roasted Garlic Soup
Tofu Dill sandwiches on fresh vegan bread
Roasted Seasoned baked fries
and of course
Chocolate Orange Cake with Orange Buttercream

All VWAV. Delicious.
Happy Tuesday ^_^


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