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Sunday, September 09, 2007

T is still designing the map and direction page.

The invitation process is still in motion. We have a self imposed deadline to get all invitations done and ready to ship by tomorrow night at the airport.
We haven't been able to get it in gear due to waiting for the inlaws to get us addresses for their family.

I was supposed to go to Roller Derby tonight.
We were going to make dinner for Eric & Erin too.

What the heck were we thinking?
Well we are almost on our way to the Kinko's and then back here to stuff envelopes, stick on the stickers and get it together.
We did case out the champagne aisle yesterday when picking up some Spaten.
Maybe when we finish the mailing, we will break it open and test the sample bottle we got ;)

There's way too much to do when making a wedding happen.

I did get my shoes done this week and they will be here this week and ready for dying.

Also, I went to foundations lady and got measured for a merrywidow for under my dress ^_^
Apparently my bust is way bigger than I thought.....
Way.bigger.than.I.could have.guessed.
So the lady also sold me a new bra, which has sparked a lingerie vintage style thing happening around here.
Everything is in process.........

Gotta order a cake, suss out music, pick a hairstyle, and breathe.

Plus my sweater is almost done, and T's scarf is coming along nicely.


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