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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even less than a month!

So the latest is that my bridal shower happened. Look how cute my mom is:
It was a spa themed shower and she's wearing a heated neck roll. The lady running it (Ms. Joy) had a hell of a time getting me and my rowdy girlfriends to behave. I had invited Gail to come, it's silly not to have your MIL present at your bridal shower, but she was sick and didn't come!
So I said the word bitch and a few euphemisms for the male parts a few times to liberate myself.
I couldn't help it.

*The cake color swatch has been dropped off to the cake maker's (Publix)
*My shoes are dyed and gorgeous, and presently locked up safely in my trunk
*Tonight we meet with Maria, the lady from Spain (where the after dinner is being hosted) for menu picking ^_^
*The merrywidow bra lady has found my foundation and it should be here today THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! That was really crappy. Waiting a month and 10 days for something promised in 2 weeks. I forgive her.
*The music is in process. I think after we tie the knot a Pavement song with a chorus of, " Bring on the Major Leagues" will play.
*Our Song - is Jersey Girl by Tom Waits ^_^ of course!
*The rest of the music is more difficult to figure out, and I still don't know what I am walking to.
*The ceremony "sermon" or script needs to be picked out and I must write up my vows.
*Gail is coming over to help me with my dress alterations this weekend
*I need a haircut and a veil.

The back to school vest is in Purgatory. I should have life lined and I can't seem to get it back online. It will have to take a number.

I finally made the VWAV Brooklyn Pad Thai and LOVE IT!
Here are some pics of that ^_^

Last night I made pumpkin/acorn squash curried soup, after the idea on, but haven't taken pics. We ate it. My mods on that were some turbinado sugar, splash of maple syrup, cayenne pepper & love. It was delicious. Believe.


  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger cara said…

    OMG, we went to a wedding in May and their first dance was to "Major Leagues" too. It was really sweet, but I think I may have been the only other Pavement fan in attendance.

    I have a list of My Imaginary Wedding songs I'd be happy to share with you if you want.


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