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Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Long Weekend!

This weekend was just a bundle of in-laws, sloth, movie watching and knitting!
I divulged the fact that the Chevron Scarf was intended for Mr. T. I got his mom into knitting, yet she has been knitting nothing but scarves for everyone but him.
That's all she makes. I cant understand that, but whatever.

In my knitting news, I have finally let myself peek over the Glampyre's Fitted Knits book. I must admit there's a bunch of things in there I'd like to make. I'm curious as to how they would look on my shape. Being an hourglass girl, it's a tough decision to decide to make your own clothing with not knowing how it will look when you are finished. One example I know many people had an issue with was the Orangina Pattern.
I LOVE that pattern. Would it look good on me? Hell no. Stephanie Japel is a tall slender woman without a gargantuan bosom, what looks fabulous on her, would definitely not on me. But, in her book, I see potential for breaking up the body in sections via her "style". You can determine if she has designed a pattern simply by the placement of ribbing, purl bump looking rows, and certain Alice in Wonderlandy detailing.
In order to make my decision, I was super retentive to see how her designs looked on several people in the flickr pool group.
This is a really great way to see the patterns in action.
I highly recommend giving it a look.
It's interesting to see the details people either left in, or left out of their adaptations of her patterns. In a few, she does a key hole fastened with a button, which I dont like, and thankfully my abilities have grown enough to ignore that part of her pattern.

Things I am interested in making:

Right now I think the ribby sweater would be fun in a lemon yellow.
So that is what I am going to get yarn for and get it moving. It's funny how sometimes my knitting gets derailed, and then I read a book or look at patterns and I get supercharged all over again. I've got plans to finish the skull sweater for real, and have the yellow sweater done before it gets cold enough to wear them here in this hot climated land.
The most interesting thing learned from the flickr pool is that people are making their wardrobe over simply from the patterns in Stephanie's book! That's pretty cool, I am sure she must be incredibly flattered.

This week I am going to have the envelopes done, and order my shoes. The stamps are on the way and the envelope labels are here and beautiful. I have to measure for the tent too - It's happening!

Also, how could I not share this fantabulous sweater shared by Brainylady??
I covet it.

Happy Labor Day!


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