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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Misery Sucks, Let's turn a new leaf!

I have found a miracle amino acid called L-Theanine, and if you need relief from anxiety, then this is the vitamin for you. The rage fever has broken, and with this little bit of help I feel pretty good about giving T's mom a freebie.
I've not been so relaxed and prepared to take on this wedding thing by the horns as I am now.

So good things.

T has a job interview on the horizon, which is terrific.
Look how happy he is about that!

I have made some decisions, and it looks like the reception will be in December with all my family on my mom's side in Massachusetts in December.
This is a plus, because then I can still throw Thanksgiving at my house again this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and cooking a delicious meal for my parents and new in-law family is something I truly enjoy ^_^

We are seriously thinking of getting a little dog. It's been a major consideration, but I think we are going to get one, if not now - of course after the wedding. Or maybe sooner. Pugs are stupid cute, as you could tell by the last video I posted.
We love 'em - tushy problems and all.
Or a boston terrier, because they are crazy cute too.
T thinks if we rescue a boy dog he will call him El Guapo.

I just got back from shoe shopping with my girlfriend at work, Andrea.
She rocks. We both got peep toe pumps, mine are bronze brown, and hers are red. I have tons of red shoes, but not any real brown ones to wear all day.

Yeah they really are sexy.

Tomorrow night is dinner to celebrate my birthday with the inlaws.
Let's see how L-Theanine works then ;)


  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger nicole said…

    yoinks! I haven't checked in on you in too long!

    A) happy belated birthday!
    B) getadog!getadog!getadog!
    C) screw everyone else man, you & T are the only ones that matter on your day! :)


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