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Monday, November 19, 2007

I still cannot rest.

Thanksgiving is this weekend - DUH!
Meanwhile I was going to make a turkey, even though I haven't eaten meat all year, and thanks to cable - Gordon Ramsey in particular - I WILL NOT DO IT!

He had a portable slaughterhouse van come to his property, and they hung the turkeys from their feet, put a baton in their mouth and zapped them with 600 volts. I have never been a militant advocate on many things, but I just can't cook something that has gone through that. Not on Thanksgiving or any day of the year. No sir, I don't like it. I was in shock, no lie for an hour.
The turkeys weren't.even.dead.
and then they slit their throats and put a baggie over the head and then got to plucking.

Still scarred from this.

Ok so in happy stuff - look at my husband ^_^ & family ^_^

Yes, if you haven't caught on, the husband who wanted nothing to do with children, thinks we should have a baby. I think I should lose 50 pounds.
No matter what, my bra lady wins ;)

So in job news I applied to something new today that would really be terrific if I can get it. Otherwise I am hating it here... Ok goodbye negative thoughts....
did I mention we are making 12 dishes to compensate for not cooking a turkey?


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