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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Perhaps I am slightly cursed.

I was given 60 days notice of being laid off yesterday (5 days to the wedding).
Good stuff huh?
I have already spoken with HR, and a few people just trying to figure out what to do.
In a way, they did me a favor, but I really need to know if I can get unemployment compensation!

I am on draft 4 of the vows, and I am carting the flutes and etc, to Noel's tonight to discuss what tables we are putting where and etc. This really puts a wrench in my plans, but then again - I can play hooky and not go to the director's house for Thanksgiving! It's being done at her house on next Wednesday and quite frankly I was trying to see how I could get out of it. Instead my boss' girlfriend/fiancee' and I will be going out to lunch. They are both coming to my wedding, and this is great news.

Mr. T is not worried or frantic about me losing my job, and has been really terrific, as if I expected anything less from him. He's wonderful. I'm surprised he hasn't said we should have a baby. He's changed his mind and thinks we should have a kid. He amazes me everyday.

In good news to distract from the bad, I will be getting some shoes in the mail tomorrow WHEE!
Plus I bought him the Veganomicon, and he made the seitan/chic pea cutlets last night with mustard sauce, pureed rutabega, and cormeal masala crusted brussel sprouts - it was Effin' delicious. Comfort food and so good for you!

Everything will be okay. For me, and Kneesocky & Gord. I just know it.


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