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Monday, November 26, 2007

So? How was your Thanksgiving?

Duuude. We cooked it up.
We made:

Rutabega puree with agave and coconut milk
Butternut squash curry soup
Roasted Brussel sprouts
Butternut squash chestnut oniony stuffing
sweet potato and red pepper biscuits
Seitan Cutlets with mustard caper sauce
spinach pine nut hummus
sundried tomato tapenade over toasted focaccia
oh yeah and candied ginger macadamia carrot cake with coconut frosting.
T did the cooking and I did the sous'ing. It was weird not being the master of every dish, and just the prep cook, but he did really well and it was so much fun owning the kitchen with my Husband ^_^ (really so fun to say!)

ALL VEGAN and DAMN Good!!!!!!
Pics to follow, because I am at work.. and of course doing what I shouldn't.
AT some point I will upload a cute video of my mom & Mr. T playing Rabbids on the Wii.

So after much resistance, and 10 million episodes of What not to Wear, I have updated my wardrobe and went and got a haircut yesterday. So pics definitely pending.
Still looking and applying for jobs, and hoping not to be on unemployment.
Also, since my G4's dying, I put in an order for a new macbook.
Yes I am joining the brethren for a sweet lil white one.
It's time, and T said he will help me pay for it, even though I feel as buying a new laptop is not what I need to do when approaching the jobless market.
But as the marketing goes, I need an upgrade.

pics pending!


  • At 3:27 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    You are such a lovely bride!

    Good luck in finding a job!

    It is so fun to say "husband" isn't it? :-) I still get a little thrill now and then :-)


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