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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ONE MONTH!! Married a month ago Today!!

Yes, it has been terrific. I FReAkIn love him.
Here's the month recap: (in fragments)
Cooked together, had vegan Thanksgiving
Watched alot of movies, even though we had plans all the time, btw, Dogville is a difficult watch
Existenz is what makes Cronenberg great
Got some goodies for ourselves at LUSH, and I am hooked
Still havent killed the petunias that were hanging from the arch, and still haven't sent thank you's
The cats don't notice the difference that a month has passed
I got my new laptop
Tacky, tacky, and cracky seem to have felt ostracised at the reception, well what do you expect when you skip the ceremony and show up in crappy tees and jeans with a coked out guest that wasnt invited?
Vera Wang Champagne Glasses
The neighbors raided our avocado tree when we were away visiting my grandma who apparently thinks her latest roomate's name should be squeeky, and squeeky's face is as ugly as a fart...yeah getting old must be rough.
Still laid off, yet looking forward to a break and distance from the college and DOE.
My parents seem to be happy
Gord is doing well
Kathy's baby is adorable
Erin's baby doesnt like Santa
Coral is 3 and still crushes and has tea parties with Uncle T
Made basil cilantro pesto with Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta last night and it ROCKED
I AM HAPPY....Have a happy day too!


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