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Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, well, well.
So it's been forever since I wrote in this thing. From the looks of it a few of my blogging friends have too! So much for proclaiming myself hating about not blogging, but here's a good update.

Been married over 6 months now - and loving it. 

Have been cooking tons of vegan food. Kale is the greatest thing, and I've been trolling for recipes. Here's a few links if you can see them.
These have become staples this past two weeks.

Have decided to go back to school at the Aveda Institute and should be making my video for admissions at this very moment.

Was working for the craziest fundamentalist jerk on the planet and now back on the unemp.
(soon to be ending I am sure)

Still not having baby fever, and thinking something is fundamentally wrong with me.

Haven't knitted in quite a while actually. The back to school vest had me ripping out and re-doing once it came to carrying the stitches for the top darts. This is what happens when you knit alone since no one is around to show me anymore. Since Grandma had her stroke, she's been in and out of it and really can't show me anything since one hand doesn't function.

We adopted my mom's cat, and now we have 3. Thank goodness I am married and not clinically crazy as the story goes. His name is Kashmir, but I call him sweetieface, chewbacca, and since the lion king, Mufasa.

I got an iphone! and it's the craziest thing since I am totally not going to have a dime. The husby thought I should have it. Nice present huh?

We saw the Kids in the Hall this past week and they were hysterical - what a great show!

We went to see the Lion King, and I cried like 5 times. No kidding, the music just breaks me down. Like when Mary J. Blige sings, I get all varklempt..

I really am looking forward to going to beauty school, I want to make people feel good about themselves and learn some discipline in order to change my life. I really am on the track for a career in something I always wanted to do, but was afraid to leap. Now it's starting in a few weeks! Hence the need to do so many social things now. My week will be Tues - through Sat, with sundays and mondays off. (poo to that, but it'll be over in 11 months!)

I am trying to add pics, but it's failing. I will put them in! Just not now. I need to make my video!


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