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Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday - Party Time !!!

So in case no one knew, It's my birthday this weekend - I am never really all that subtle about it...
But I got a cake at work today ! The wonderful woman I work with, yeah there's just one besides me in this office, got me a cake and all the boys dove into it :-)
The birthday tingle is starting !!! YAY !

I feel my birthday is a personal national holiday..but enough of that for now ^_^

Tonight I am getting glammed out and having Tapas with my gang of fabulous friends, and then moving on to a rooftop lounge for cocktails afterwards. I need the glitter and dressing up - I miss it !!!
Saturday I plan to see the new "girls speluking and kicking some monster ass" film - The Descent.
Then Sunday - YOGA ! and a relaxing birthday / and also year and a half celebration of being with the wonderful and amazing Young Boy.

Much better than what was going to happen - going to see all my family on my exact birthday in the cemetary to view my grandfather's tombstone unveiling......

Joy for all, that is next weekend.

In knitting/movie watching news, last night after a great Mysore (ashtanga) Yoga practice with Eric(my yogi) and Rick(my other yogi friend) I took an awesome hot shower and did the pinky fingers of the Knucks while watching the new remastered copy of Putney Swope, by Robert Downey Sr.
(father of Robert Downey Jr. - who is also in A Scanner Darkly - WHICH IS FUCKING AMAZING !! Go see it if you havent ! Linklater has a super hit with this one..I want to see it again and we went two days ago !)

I am hoping at some point to cast on for my Noni bag, and to try and get a beat on to catch up with Knittykat. I think subconsiously the reason why I haven't sent her package is because I a) keep gathering goodies to send with it, b) I want to catch up to her on the project ! - We knitalong, and she is done in bionic time !!!

I will try and get some pics at the celebrations over the weekend :)
Maybe try and include a headstand or something ;)

***muah !!!***


  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Ah Ha! I knew it! You were delaying the package to slow me down!

    No, really, J/K I'm not in a hurry. And I would feel bad if you hurried to send it because right now I'm pretty involved in the Jesus Sweater.

    Have a super wonderful awesome birthday, and look for a birthday package next week :-) :-) :-)

  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger nicole said…

    WheeeeeOW! Happy birthday!!!!! Your weekend sounds super great! And I'm starting to learn what you mean about knitting along with kat - She's miles ahead of me on bpt/Jesus sweater & I feel like I *have* to catch up to her... :) I know I don't really, but it's good incentive!


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