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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"That was the BEST Thanksgiving" - my dad

Thanksgiving was effin awesome ! The turkey came out perfect, the stuffing was to die for (including hand hammering and roasting the chestnuts), the string beans were great, the cranberry mold came out awesome (even though when making it I threw 1/2 of the 1st batch all over the kitchen when the mold popped open), the chive and sage bisciuts from scratch rocked (they were shaped like hearts ;)- everything was awesome. I definitely didnt take enough pictures.
The best was my dad parading around the house repeating how everything was so good that I made the best Thanksgiving...and he wonders why I am his cheerleader too...

Plus, T got up at 5 am at several attempts for the Nintendo Wii.

I love the Wii.
I loved playing the tennis, the golf ! If I didnt wind up getting the flu somehow I'd be playing it right now. Zelda is beautiful and I wish I wasnt so achey, because I would get some quality knitting and entertainment sitting with T as he plays it.

I'll have to get permission to post the pics of him and Ray playing the Wii, they are way too funny...

Green tea, comtrex and Martha & the View for me.
Still no word as to when I start working and it's driving me batty.
I hope you all had a beautiful holiday... I think I am going to have to write Martha Stewart a Thank You letter.....


  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger cara said…

    Sorry about the germs! The turkey looks perfect, though. At least you got all the cooking and eating in before the nasty little virus particles took over!


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