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Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh so much better !

My goodness, being sick for a week was the pits. It turned out that from what was a cold became a sinus infestation. The headaches are gone, and my sinuses are normal again. THANK GOODNESS !

Yesterday T and I became members of the local zoo.
The year before, we were members of the local aquarium, and I really think it's a great thing to support your local attractions when they help benefit wildlife and support learning programs for kids. It seems that some how kids are missing the appreciation for all things nature like kids did when I was little. I mean, yeah we rock the Wii and T is all about saving the land from twilight & helping princess Zelda, but nothing beats seeing elephants and monkeys IRL.
(and you can go for free all year long if you want to !)

I still have some xmas gifts to fix for the gentiles I love ;) and my hands have been hurting...actually my thumb is really sore and I'm scared I may have arthritis. I am still waiting for my start date, and health insurance....So i can ask my Dr. to do some xrays and stuff. For f***k's sake, the state takes forever to do anything ! I am going to be a shining star once I get back to work. Results are needed !!

Without further ado, here's some zoo pics...I even got T to go and see the manatees - and he hates them ! "ucch they are so disgusting", "nature's mistakes" LOL

Today I am going to catch up with laundry, plant the tulips I was given for Hannukah last year, and maybe ddr it up a bit after some Wii Tennis and Bowling. I am back into exercise and working the winter coat off. I gotta look good next year on 11/11/07 for our wedding ^_^ !!
Kathy I had to post some flamingoes and our Komodo dragon for you ;)


  • At 3:50 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Oooohhh, dragon! He's so cool! I love all your pics :-) I am a zoo member here in Chicagoland too.

    And you set a date! Next November, less than a year away!


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