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Monday, July 09, 2007

Still in the thick of wedding MADNESS!

We have made up the invitation, we just need to find the right paper.
The colors are going to be Tiffany/Robin's Egg Blue, Cream and Dark Brown.
Sounds pretty right?
Well I am starting to get a little panicked, but We are gonna make it.
I've been teaching myself how to do calligraphy and I really feel quite hooked on it. I write everything with the calligraphy pen, including the shopping list for veggies and stuff. The word escarole is really pretty. But mostly I like writing filthy,nasty curse words & phrases to amuse myself - them leave them out for Tyson to find them.
It's a good laugh ;)

Speaking of good laughs, here's something he sent me to make me laugh:

#779288 +(708)- [X]

so, my mom was putting in her CD with church pics but it wouldn't work on her computer
so she put it in mine
now, the last thing I watched on windows media player was hardcore lesbian porn
that got into the action right away
so my mom puts in the cd into my computer
opens up windows media players
and the porn starts playing
and when I realized what was happening I was like "oh fuck"
but then...
she goes berserk
and she took out a HAMMER
and smashed the fucking CD
it was the best thing ever
not only was It completely off the hook
you have to love the awesome displays of religious apeshit
I think if god existed, he put people like my mom on this earth to entertain us

Also, some awesome bumper stickers i have seen recently:

*the rapture is not an exit strategy
*killing in the name of peace is like fucking in the name of virginity
*will someone please give bush a blowjob so we can impeach him already?

Great things, Happy Monday!!!!


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