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Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep. Another year older, and I just got back from a lovely weekend with my man. T & I went to Orlando and stayed at the dolphin hotel at Disney.
No one can believe we went to disney to celebrate my getting older, but I got an amazing discount and we said it's all about staying at the hotel ^_^.
I got a brand new digital camera and took tons of pictures, so I'll definitely be posting them up here for you to see some sights.

So far, I realized I left my dayplanner at the hotel, and so now it's being looked for, and the person who finds it will see how great my intimate life is :P

Still, it's my birthday and all good things happen.
I may be going back to orlando again for business this up and coming weekend, so we may acquire a gorgeous bamboo tv cabinet we saw while antiquing yesterday!

It was great at the resort. Cocktails, the heat, spaten on tap in Epcot Germany...
That was really an oasis for us :)
We had dinner in Italy and I was trying to charm the waiter by saying all the italian words I could remember on the fly.
"cinque, scatolla di mierda, refrigerifero, orologico"
translates to: five, shitbox, refrigerator, clock
Yeah he said "It's okay, I learned the naughty words too when I learn the english"

Tyson's home sick and I am here at my office.
Perhaps some sushi lunch for my personal holiday ;)

Enjoy the day everyone, we all get a present.


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