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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So this wedding planning is truly making me miserable. My future MIL basically gave us an ultimatum to invite T's brother's gf, and we dont know her. The condition for this is because she doesnt want to come to our wedding with resentment towards us, because when she lived with someone for 7 years she wasnt invited somewhere? Then she said perhaps you should tell us you are eloping and that will solve it.
I remarked - how is this supposed to jump my synapse?
I dont understand what you are saying? you'd rather us elope if we dont invite Ray's girlfriend, because you dont want to come to our wedding if she isnt invited?
Oh the family is crazy.
Plus his dad wants to possibly impress his mother with giving us money with strings attached to have the wedding somewhere they want it to be.
Oh who is ready to elope and single out the fiancee's family?
I am stewing about how manipulative she was, and she's not an aggressive woman, and I am about to go crazy. My whole family planned to be here and I basically ruined their plans for thanksgiving because I cancelled the reception and made the decision to go out to Massachussetts to see them and bring the party there instead.

Oh fuck all of it with a big vodka with aloe drink.

I can't stop being angry about them.
How is he related to this bunch of people?


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