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Monday, July 02, 2007

On this, My 100th Post

Good grief the past two weeks have been intense. I / We thought we were pregnant.
The 1st test was on Father's Day and for the 1st time in my life, I was sad at the outcome (vs. jumping up and down and then celebrating with more protected sex.) So see, it was stress, not condom breakage. But yeah this friday I got it and am over feeling sad and enjoying a nice Spaten Optimator as I type this out. Yummy Beer for non preggo gals :)

Meanwhile everyone around me is spawning or already mated and done it.
But screw that, I have a wedding I am preparing!

So this nice lady is modelling my dress, and I would like to thank Issac Mizrahi for the lovely card he included in my dress box ^_^ v. nice touch!

Now since I am not a traditional girl, this is the hair style I want, but envision it brown
(My mom hates this hairstyle and told me it was ugly and not wedding-ish)

I disagree, because frankly, I rocked bigger and crazier hair than that back in the day.
i like the 40's glam and I wouldn't mind funky wedding pics!

But yeah we are totally gearing up to try and get this party off the ground. So here's a pic of what I am knitting, and who I am since way back when ;)


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