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Monday, August 14, 2006


Ok I know I should be reporting about my birthday celebration and saturday hangover, but I want to take a sec to discuss Mrs. Tiggywinkle. T and I have just been discussing details of Beatrix potter stories from childhood.
He insisted that Farmer McGregor catches Peter Rabbit, hangs him up and skins him. Now who the hell would write a children's story like that ????
But just take a moment and think about how freakin' awesome Beatrix potter is ??
They even have a knitting book of patterns to make Potter themed stuff ! Look !!

My birthday was awesome.
I partied like a rockstar and had some of my favorite champagne, Veuve Cliquot.... MMMmmm
But boy was I hung over the next day !
Yoga Sunday was amazing, and I thought despite being the living dead the day before I rocked it !
I got yoga classes, and MAC limited edition swag, a Gift Certificate to a restaurant i really love...But I scored Sunday ^_^
T got me Tekken 5 and Shadow of the Colossus for PS2, Delicatessen on dvd, Jaques Pepin's healthy cookbook, a Big Santoku Knife and tonight I used it to chop veggies and etc for my new Cuisinart Electric Fondue Pot !!! I also got a fm transmitter for my Nano :-)

So yeah I got spoiled ;-) and it was just wonderful...On top of all that, he made me a "Batan March of chocolate ice cream/brownie/oreo cake :) and just in time for the communists making their raid on the vacation house. Great Birthday weekend, and I think I am looking pretty kickass at my age...Aw Yeah.


  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Oooh, you look so sassy! What a hottie in your all black & red lipstick! MEOW!!!!

  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger Miss13 said…

    Yeah I seem to have my game face on huh ? LOL !


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