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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Having strange dreams...
Randy Quaid reprising his role in parents yelling at me that I didnt hammer the wood strip in the attic down well enough
Dennis Leary cheating on Olivia Newton John
T cheating on me with a a girl from top model

I wake up to have the same crap racing through my head while laughing at how ridiculous my dreams are all the time..

*when am I gonna start working already ?
*oh god I spent way too much money on xmas and it's not even my holiday
*everyone better LOVE WHAT I GOT THEM
*maybe trim-spa isnt truly speed (no one likes a fat bride, Dan-yell)..thx mom
*maybe I really NEED sleeping pills..went to sleep at two woke up around 9...cant go to bed early to save my life...

Wipe the slate clean and chill.
Today is a new day.
One scarf to finish, and one to go. Damn my hands...
I am so bored with waiting for a schedule to start......
oh great. I go to get coffee and one of the cats did the butt scoot on the kitchen floor.

Good Times.
At least I scored two awesome sweaters at the Thrift yesterday, T bought me a pair of cozy fleece pj's to stay warm, and we watched Nathan Barley from Britain. Oh man would I love a vacation in England...Or anywhere really...


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