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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm a Ninja. I'm like a tiger on the floor....

Yes, I have been exercising, to keep up with my resolution.
My coworker Andrea and I walk at least 15 minutes a day now. Yesterday I rested because my knees hurt me, and I wont go into the terrible things that flash in my mind when I think of knee pain/overweight/stigma crap...
Biofreeze to the rescue and I returned to combat mode gaming and perspired like crazy.

I am also taking on the Wii calorie burner challenge and attempting at least a 1/2 hour a day to see more action to my life.

So off to a good start.
We have been eating somewhat vegan the past few nights thanks to "Christina Cooks".
It's on local channel PBS tv, and she's a Cancer Survivor by eating healthfully.
Anything that can whip Cancer is good enough for me.
Especially since several people have had it in my family....
I actually voluntarily ate quinoa, and back in the day I couldnt stand when my mom made it.. I still draw the line at wheatberries. I EFFIN' HATE THEM and bananas too.
They can go to hell LOL !

So, I know there hasnt been much knitting, but I am going to work my sweater out. I think it's just figuring when to do the side shaping, and where to put the skulls is my main problem.

Bigger latest obsession ?
ROLLER DERBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I so want to be on a team, but fear my shin being shattered and facing a broken leg. Has anyone done this that reads this blog ??

The shin thing is a long story, it involves me in a scandalous outfit during my dark wave in full force days, and a serious tumble in KISS style platform boots. Think shins meet marble steps, face 1st. Those boots are in the corner, I should post a pic to illustrate.
Result, permanent bruise scar and a fluid trapped bubble increased sensitivity on the shin. But oh ! The thrill of roller derby kinda calls me !!!

Long Island Roller Rebels !!


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