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Sunday, January 14, 2007

V. Excited !!

Tomorrow I get to meet ARYN !!! and her sister Nya !!
Somehow she managed to fly over here to see her sister and we have a Glitter Meetup tomorrow !

I think besides taking pictures I am going to suggest we go for DIM SUM, and to the bead warehouse (she wants to get some beads, how could I argue with that ?), and maybe hit some LYS's - because who doesn't love yarn ? anyway it should be really exciting.
I love meeting the girls, and quite honestly I drop everything I have going to do it.
(I backed out of a drinkfest party that someone who used to be close to me is having just to make plans..) Besides, last night we took the Wii over to Eric and Erin's and we had 6 people bowling and rocking the Rabbids..I totally drank too much wine and somehow lost my star crossed Pro Bowling ball. I'll get it back ;)
So with puffy wine-face I write to tell you of these adventures.

Today we are going to hit the local IHOP and get some eggs and panqueques (think of the accent..too much fun and better than saying pancakes or flapjacks)) and then ! we are going to see Clive Owen be sexy in Children of Man. I am trying to get the young fiancee to go see Night at The Museum as a possible double header sneak in type dealie but we will see. I just really want to see the Museum of Natural History IRL anyway. Growing up & going there for school trips was awesome - and I wanna go back and see it again.

I need an aspirin and some coffee, maybe some strawberries...
Have a beautiful day !!


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