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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good Grief !

Sorry I havent written to tell about the new job, but it's a whirlwind.
I have been shocked into submission I think.
No one has trained me on anything, but I have my own office where I can shut the door, and the desk movers called me "Miss" and noticed my ring while flirting. (That was the best part so far.) My 1st day i was sat with a girl who was fired (she wasnt in the same division program as mine..Once I make it past 6 months, I am a permanent state employee) & will always have a job ! crazy system ! but that part is great.
Well this woman told me all the negative stuff in the world, and the woman I thought was my supervisor is now my coworker in the program. She is really sweet and even gave me a holiday gift ! She has alot of drama with the director of the department and told me the most insane stuff...and now that I think of it, I will never be able to blog at work. EVER !

Point blank it's a gossip mill from my 1st impression and after hearing all the soap opera drama, frankly i almost said screw this I dont want to work here.
Yesterday was better I guess, but I still havent been trained on anything, so all I do is waste time all day and try to read as many manuals as possible to orient myself with what is going on. I have memorized over 15 names of people I met for 10 seconds, and I actually made a friendly aquaintence with the girl who sits in the office next to me. This girl actually had something positive to say and said she really likes the job, doesnt get near the drama, and that I just had a bad 1st day.
I am not there to make friends, but only to make my $ and have a decent relationship work-wise with everyone.
My 20 minute talk with that girl helped me get over the fact that the holidays are the wrong time to start this job, and that besides the fact that even getting my payroll papers and orientation in are taking way too long, I should just sit there and "work" because I finally have somewhere to be.

My favorite part of the whole experience so far is listening to NPR on the way in to work, and that I am gonna finish my last xmas scarf today while I am there ^_^

Oh yeah and there's a lady there who crochets ! I spoke with her yesterday and she's working on a Red Heart Afghan ! In the office ! SO I guess, it will be ok.
We'll see.

Rahime, come on down, I'll save you some beet salad ;)


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