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Saturday, December 23, 2006

So Hannukah came and went :)
Like all lucky girls who are totally awesome, I got the Tom Waits triple cd set.
Also by request I got the Kinetic personal trainer, tai chi/yoga martial arts workout game for PS2. V. Excited to get in on that action.. to combat any thought of the fat bride crap.

Tonight we went to E^2's mom's house. Lulu had fillet mignon and all kinds of yumminess for us to eat. It was great and I had the right amount.

Wes baby is looking cute as ever and I held him for like an hour just rubbing his belly. Oh he is so cute ! I pinched his cheeks for you ;)

T opened his gifts and loved everything.

I did get a call from my stalker and he wants to talk about a Bulletboys concert that isnt even happening, it's all tactics to get me to call and we havent spoken in 4 years. He calls me every year around this time and I never call back. So sick of him and really wish he would move on.

Tomorrow we go to Eric and Erins to open gifts and drink some more holiday cheer :)
We are bringing brie and grapes and Lactaid ^_^
The only good thing about the holidays is the excuse to party and love one your friends and family.

So go out there and be safe and love somebody !

Best wishes this season to you all...Even the psycho in Texas. Someone go love him and make him forget about me.


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