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Monday, January 08, 2007

NEUROCHIC - I am so thrilled you cheated death..I couldnt comment on your blog for some reason...

Knittykat - Congrats on the baby ! You know how happy I am for you..

Kneesocky - so glad your xmas & the knitted presents went over so well !

As for me, I have made it through the initial shock of my new job, and really like going to work. Let's hope this mindframe doesnt change too quickly.. I'll bet just typing that was a akinahurrah but I'll risk it.

Today I went to lunch by myself and the waiter was so nervous and flirty his hands were shaking.. It's good to know I have still got it ;)

So V. Important - I hope everyone has a chance to see the HBO documentary THIN.
I have dieted, and done the diet pill thing, but I will say right now this country has a serious problem and women need to take better care of themselves. I have watched this documentary 3 times to remind myself that being healthy is so darned important. Please take good care of yourselves and others.

Link to the HBO site

The filmmaker is Lauren Greenfield, and she has done several art series on girl image and children growing up too fast. There's a companion book to the documentary and I read it on my break on campus....shocking and horrible.

Knitting will commence soon, my hand isnt all healed, but I have a sweater to finish, and a boy who still wants his gloves.

Happy New Year !!!!
(I hope the thin announcement wasnt a super downer, but we need to be aware of the issues plaguing women, and I'd be remiss if I didnt say this movie was really riveting.)


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