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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Who's the Wii Champion ?

Oh yeah, It's me.
Tennis 770
Bowling 1027 Pro, and I have a glittery blue ball to show for it.
Boxing 702, and T's is 622...If we play eachother, I am gonna whip him like a sock monkey.

4 pounds lost ^_^

Tomorrow morning we are having a sampling of the 1st coffee roast.
Yes Holly, It's very cool. You buy the coffee beans in their fresh dried stage, which is called "green" and you roast them till the second crack. There's alot more to it, but in the end you wind up saving a ton of money on coffee...Well at least if you are us.
We drink a ton of coffee, and have about 4 different ways to make it.
So Peru Norte is the beverage we will imbibe after sleeping in tomorrow.

In happy little news, my orchid is starting to bloom again. Whoever said orchids were difficult, I say Pish Tosh. Keep the soil moist with water and dont give them too much sun.
Plus I have the 1st season of Rollergirls on the way (YESSSS!!!)
and I won this little guy to keep me company at work.


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