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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Derby Fever !!!!

Oh yeah ! We went to the State Fair and saw the local gals square up and do the derby.
My only regret is that the past week & 1/2 I have had chronic neck and tmj pain, which has been hella distracting and somewhat deterring me from joining this very second.
Ok one more regret, I am so selfish and annoyed that all my friends here are mothers and they cant drop everything to go rollerskating with me after work. I said I knew I was selfish.....

I feel somewhat fanatical about the girls in the series....I looked them all up online and a few of them seem to be new mommies too..
So an anonymous shout out to Lux, Luna, Hades Lady and Witchbaby. Congratulations ladies ^_^

In other delightful news, today is mine and Mr. T's 2nd year anniversary - still madly in love !
Still getting married in November and haven't planned a darn thing for the wedding.
Oh yeah, eloping sounds great right about this second.
For valentines/anniversary I am now a proud owner of these !!!
May I add they are super sexy and super comfy ^_^ and MINE !!!
(ok I just wound up having to toss out a pair of my fave snake boots because the humidity rotted a nice replacement for a down soldier....

Still sticking with the Kinetic trainer Ana, and I have lost 6 pounds ! So good stuff.
In crafty news, I have almost gotten through the skull chart on my sweater !!!!
Pics will be up most likely tomorrow when I finish the body. I am pretending that Kneesocky and I am in a race, so I get to beat her at knitting fast (wishful thinking).

Hugs and fluff



  • At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Aryn said…

    Miz Mooz are my favorite. I have about 8 pairs of them!

    Happy anniversary!


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