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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


landscaping is some serious business. Two days down, one more to go, and my hands are black, and I am getting blisters from raking ! It's 90 degrees and we are out in the hot Southern sun scaping it up.

I made a joke yesterday that next week I will be going to the foot dr Monday, and a 2nd interview Tuesday !! and the rest of the week I should do deck work and fiberglass with Tyson's dad to make some more cash ;)
I almost want to call him today and tell him I need work. T is certain that if I tell him I wanna work he'll pay me 10 bucks an hour and start me the very next day.

Funny thing this manual labor stuff.
I like doing a hard day's worth of work. My dad would shit if he knew I was working like I am...
But the greatest thing about it is my renewed respect for the dollar.
I think it's important to step back and review how you wind up taking so much for granted.
Besides, I am getting paid to sweat my ass off, and get some serious exercise at the same time !

Can you even see how dirty my legs are ? or the black crap all over my hands ?
I've been a tough bitch for two days. One more, and a shower for me right now.
I hope I dont pass out again before Tyson gets home.

Yeah it's a bit less than I am used to making for an hour's worth of work, but there's nothing better to make you appreciate how good you really have it !!


  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    So right; working HARD really makes you value those dollars. We forget how good we have it when we sit on our butts in air conditioned offices :-)

    You should do it; call Tyson's dad!

    You're such a tough cookie :-)


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