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Friday, August 18, 2006

Stone Cold Foxy

Yeah so I have updated the Glitterati this morning 1st thing of the status of the Unemployment/Awaiting approval from said job interview.

I love the Glitterati. I feel so lame I havent been a major poster lately due to the firewall, and trying to make enough Knit objects to show them I really am CRAFTY !
Something tells me they understand.

(Oh damn the coffee just ran out)
YB says he is totally sure I will get the job. It's nice to have a cheerleader ;)
In house !

So today is an at home holiday.
I have a small list of errands I must complete...
Get Rx cat food for the babies
Mail Knitty's package - I am an asshole.
Get duct tape for my foot...long story...
Go to yoga at 545

Norman is yelling at me, he wants to sit in my lap while I type LOL !

I'm taking an inventory of sorts I guess.
I'm thankful for all the people who make my life as lucky as I see it.
It's not just me, but all of the people I know that make me who I am.
This job thing is possiblythe best thing that could have happened.
I did hate working for F**kway, and the fact that if you werent Korean or related to the owners, or have a penis - you will never be respected or appreciated.
My old boss (she's old now ;) said just that to me as we did the walk of release to the elevator.

I grew up the one "white" jewish girl in a sea of all kinds of cultures and ethnicities. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Phillipino, Greek, Italian, Polish, Lebanese - You name it ! Trading my peanut butter and honey sandwich quarters for Futomaki Rolls and Felafel ROCKED !
It was an amazing thing to be a minority among so many cultures. I think of those kids often and try to google them to see what they are up to.
But double-paned and ethnic origin glass ceilings are not for me.

Fingers crossed, I hope this new job is mine, and I can rock it !!!!

Here's some cuteness...


  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    You rocked the interview momma, I can just feel it! You are one slick lady in black suit I am sure!

    Hooray for new opportunities, cheerleaders in the house, knitting, and cats!

    You are not an asshole!

  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger Miss13 said…

    I just feel like a jerk that it's not out yet. Ok enough talking, I am getting cleaned up and getting it out.
    Maybe I'll have a confirmation of job by the time I get back ;)


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