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Monday, August 21, 2006


No word yet, and it looks like I am going to be landscaping for the next 3 days and starting at 7 am. Good Times.

The knitting has been going well since the ladder recovery, and I am going to be taking the Sunday paper for a date to the local Panera. Part of me just wants to kick back, watch Reality Bites, or some Ingmar Bergman. Big extremes there, I know...
Was V. nervous yesterday..Details of the unveiling swirling around, no word from the job, and just death in general... Uncertainty and Death...

If I don't hear from the lovely lady at @#$%^ I am calling her Wednesday.

YB instructed me that I am not to be sitting in the house all day. So I am on a mission to buy caulk to fix the shower, and coffee at panera. But no 1200 calorie orange scone, no matter how badly the orange iced one calls me.

I'm off to find my colored pencils and a tote to drag it with me.
I dont want another day like Friday, of checking my email every 5 minutes.


Yeah, "the establishment OWES him Snickers"
Circled ads in the paper in purple pencil, having some miso soup, watching Lelaina suffer so I dont have to.

Happy Monday indeed.


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