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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I made it !

3 days of raking and tree work and I'm done. It even rained on us at the last hour. The whole time I was secretly hoping the sky would crack open and pour delightful cool rain down on us. I got my wish - and it was glorious.
There is nothing like pushing yourself all damn day and then getting rained on.

I am one of those people that love rain. The sound, how it smells afterwards....
I rush to the back door to peek at my rain gauge to see how many milliliters it's been..
I missed that about the office job, but nothing compares to be standing in it.
There's something so defiant about saying screw it, I'm going to jump in the puddles and LOVE IT !

My hands and feet are so sore, but I got a check for 200 bucks and I'm more than happy with that. Rent is coming up, and I think I got my last direct deposit today. My severance will be here in another week or so. But I got to make money while waiting, and that's what is comforting.

The Noni is growing in leaps and bounds. Perhaps it's the larger needles, or the fact that they are glittery, but I am flying through this project and will soon be getting back to Tyson's Knucks. Deciding to do all the finger tubes 1st sucks ass. No other way to say it, and loathing the fact that a swatch and 2 thumbs and 2 pinkies are done....

(I secretly want to start another pair of socks.....with my new sock yarn stash from my birthday !!!!) Thanks again Knittykat !

Yay tomorrow is Friday. I may just have to celebrate by going out to lunch..
But Saturday I am hoping to have High Tea with Pencil Skirt ! and not the High from the "whistle -whistle""...From a teapot ! ^_^


  • At 10:33 AM, Blogger knittykat said…

    I wanna see your Noni! ;-) Now how does THAT sound hee hee. How far are you??

    I got my yarn last night and the jingle charm is already in my car, the yarn matches perfectly, I can't wait to dig into the lychees, and my friends and I were enjoying the candies last night!

    Thank you!!!!!!


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