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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Interview part 2

Today I went for my 2nd meeting to get the new job I've been targeting. I totally was up at 5 am or so tossing and turning with anxious enery about it !!!
I should have slept. I killed ! I met the guy who would be my manager and we hit it off ! He was really nice, and funny, and hates micromanagement as much as I do !
He promised to negotiate my pay and call me tomorrow with results ! WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO !!!!

I love it ! Man if this works, it could mean a whole new happiness for me.
It's no secret I wasn't happy at my last job, but this place sounds like it would be perfect for me and not all accounting based ! Can you say RIGHT THE F!@#$K ON ?????

I am meeting with my old co-worker Sharon tomorrow for lunch to catch up on drama, so that should be fun. Plus she's treating ! Wahoo !!

On top of all the goodness, I met with my foot doctor yesterday, and after a few swipes with his knife, he told me the whole foot issue is completely gone !! Done ! No more Efudex, no more Tagamet - Just a lil Neosporin !!! NO MORE DUCT TAPE !
If I was a puppy, I'd be peeing on the floor with excitement !

I plan to chill this afternoon with the kitties and relax. The stress is over.
I am hoping anyhow ;)
Oh yeah amd maybe some more Noni progress, since I have some time free.

I do need to finish my review for the Glittery Girls of the Eyes of desire "pron"
I must confess it's crap. I really cant believe I have to watch both videos, it's so bad. But I guess that is what I signed up for.

Ho - hum...


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