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Monday, August 28, 2006

Success !!!

Yesterday I gave my wonderfully pregnant friend Erin the baby bolero !
What a fright it gave me though. I was so stuck on this article i read or something somewhere that when you give a hand knit, don't expect the person getting it to appreciate it like you would (being a knitter, I think getting handknits is special - like most any knitter would !)
The little sweater was passed around and people patted me on the back and were so intrigued !
Made me feel so glad I saved it from the ultimate destruction. I was trimming threads and improvising a crochet border to economize - I was running out of yarn....i snipped one thread and the sweater started to unravel ! Right in the front panel !
I started tying things together and whipped out my crochet hooks.
Here is the final pic :)
Plus a peek down into the heart of a growing Noni !
I am hoping to get another 20 rows out of the Cascade that is left to finish this sucker.


  • At 10:33 AM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Your bolero looks great!!!

    And I've *almost* always gotten glowing appreciation for my handknit presents, but I try never to expect it so I'm not disappointed on the off chance it doesn't happen.

    I love the crocheted edging!

  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Miss13 said…

    Well, Thanks to you Kathy all of this was possible. Thank you so much for faxing me that pattern months ago. I owe it all to you !
    Including the crochet ;)


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