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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh My Crap #2

Can you see this ?
I dropped a stitch and kept going to screw another something again last night.
I didn't get a call as promised and spent the day eating Cinnamon Ezekiel toast and sulking.
My lunch was cancelled and no swimming with my pregnant friend.

This morning I finished my cynical review of the dvd's in the swap, and hope NFL doesnt hate the movie now because of me.

I am sending some lace patterns to Gramma Pauline today that Tyson printed at work for her. Someone gifted her some mohair cashmere something and she hasnt a clue what to make with it.

I made a list last night in my stupor of stuff to do today and so far progress has been made. So I at least feel good about that. I think as far as the Noni goes, I am going to pull out my sock circulars, try and pick up as many stitches as possible on it like a life line, and frog to the dark green line below. I need to shower just in case my lunch plans are truly on , and a planned trip to the bitch yarn store to take advantage of the sale.
Knitty if you see this, please advise !!!

5:41 PM Update

Ok, so left the house, mailed the shiz and went to the LYS. They are having a big Tahki sale, and I wasn't so interested in what the selection was.
I got a call that cancelled lunch, so I picked up lunch, and was referred by Sharon to her local insurance agency for a job ^_^
It's across the bridge, but at this point I still havent gotten my call back and I am flipping out about it. I was really hoping to hear from them today.
I cant find a moment of peace in my day that isnt interrupted with a nagging voice in my head demanding to hear my phone ring with the news of when and how much they will give me to come to work.
I am going to take my Dad's advice and give them the benfit of the doubt and call them tomorrow at 2pm. If I dont hear from them 1st.


  • At 2:36 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Is there a dropped stitch unravelling or just a hole?

    Since you're felting it I wouldn't bother to unravel. Take a piece of the green yarn and just close up the hole carefully and weave in the ends. As long as you don't leave a bump or a knot you'll be fine. You'll never see it!

    You can also try just laddering down that one stitch and fixing it, but it kind of looks like you accidentally yarn-overed and that's what made the hole.


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