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Thursday, September 14, 2006

dreamt i was knitting all night,and shopping and eating pastries with my mom at bloomingdales.
So sad really, I'd be turning the heel already on my socks. woke up and stared at the ceiling and could swear all i saw was eyelets.

so tired, so tired, dont ask why I am not back in bed. gotta go out and look at the green. it's raining, and i am scared i have Tyson's flu.
oh yeah and the fabulous MAC party is tonight. sooooo not feeling like going.
Tyson is still sick and I hope he is writing his boss he's skipping work to lay in bed all day again.... I wish I was, but I have shit to do.
Plus a huge stack of pretyped applications to send sometime today for jobs at the university...


6 rows of eyelets - done !~!


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