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Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's amazing what a new day & Lorna's Laces can do for you.

Yeah I was a bit depressed yesterday, but with the advice and good energy from my friends I have turned it around. The job at the University idea really makes sense, and something in my gut tells me this is what I need to do.
This afternoon I pulled it together and went to Kinko's and I have 5 applications on the table to fill out as my ticket for a change.

Plus, if the lightning and thunder of the afternoon doesn't fry the house, I am felting that damn Noni, sans flowers at this point in time.
The Mata Hari pattern is calling me. It's time for some socks and that yummy Lorna's from Knittykat must be dealt with.

Peep it, isnt that divine ??? It's the 1st popular name brand yarn that I will be using.
Just the yarnin' pick up I needed too :)

Screw the Knucks for now, I want new socks...and before long, I can tote 'em around in my Noni.. Now doesn't that sound rude !!! ^_^


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