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Monday, September 11, 2006

Filed for unemployment again.
It's ironic really, considering today is 9/11/06, and I lost my insurance business and filed for unemployment in 2001 right around this same time. It's strange that I fill out job applications and have to write down, "loss of sales and prospects due to 9/11 tragedy."

But here it is again.

The clock radio woke me up for work, with the news on NPR that the 1st plane hit the World Trade Center, and I immediately turned on the tv and called my father. He didn't believe me, and I screamed at him to turn on his tv, and we watched the 2nd plane crash into tower 2 together. My great aunt watched it happen from her bedroom window in Beechhurst. My cousin was trapped in the subway, and we couldnt reach anyone in the city. I spent the entire day crying and watching the news in bed with a bunch of my friends, all clutching one another and chainsmoking. I couldn't make a single appointment, because no one wanted to buy health insurance - because acts of war are not a covered expense on ANY policy. Feel free to read your policy, it's in there buried in the exclusions pages.

Like I did 5 years ago, I sat at my computer in my pajamas & ponytail to fill out my unemployment forms. Happy Anniversary America ! Dubya, Rummy and Cheney are still screwing it up and now Al Qaida wants to fuck with your Democracy of Arabs and Israel. Blair is quitting because the people hate his ass too. Thank you for fucking up our country and making it virtually impossible for me not to be afraid to visit all the countries I dreamed of visiting as a child. I spent 100 bucks on a passport that may not take me anywhere.

The difference is that now I'm an adult, I havent had a cigarette in 3 years this friday approaching, I'm madly in love with the greatest man I've ever met, and I have a plan to better my life, despite being laid off the Monday after my 32nd birthday. So for me personally all is not lost. Plus, I can knit - and that seems to end all stress for the most part...

Hug and kiss someone you love. I gotta call my Aunt Harriet.


  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Things will get better, I promise. Good things are coming your way. This time you have Tyson to lean on to help you get through it. :-) And me :-)


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