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Saturday, September 02, 2006

To Quote my Dad, "What a bunch of Shits !"...

So yeah, after saying my minimum salary requirement must be $15 bucks an hour, I get an asshat response, "She was thinking 3 bucks less than that. I'll get back to you Wednesday with a final response."

I am landscaping again on Wednesday - AND they can kiss my Russian-Jewish ass.
How insulting huh ? Oh I'll let them know they wasted my time alright, I have plans for them , My pretties..

Well besides the fact that I got a ton of clothes and an amazing Issac Mizrahi Suit - I got a new wardrobe from my girlfriend Noel who just lost a gazillion pounds and is wearing a size 5 jeans (mercy ! she was like 250 pounds !) - I consulted with Tyson, and he said I should go ahead and buy myself a new pair of shoes.
A) Make myself feel better, because hey - what girl doesnt love a new pair of shoes ?
B) My dress shoes I wear with my suit seem to be having a heel separation thing....
C) He loves me and said the other day he has full confidence in me.

Who can argue with that ?
So yeah I bought some shoes.

I'm really so disappointed in those people, and especially to be led on by them for two weeks ! I could have been interviewing elsewhere ! F!@#$%K !!

There is a silver lining though. Noel also faxed a resume for me to a insurance office..jingle" HMMM HMM HMM On your SIDE !!"
Anyway I was highly recommended as mentioned by the lovely Ms. Sharon, and lucky me, people really adore and respect her. She uptalked me to them and they actually called me to let me know my resume was received and given to the department head.
If I get this, and I can talk them up a bit in hourly, I could get a newer car.
Can you say hello silver SCION ? I WANT that car.

Maybe things happen for a reason.
I hope this is one of those instances.
Fingers crossed !

The Noni is back on track, and I will hopefully be felting that bad boy by the end of the weekend.

I feel like Mammy Jane.
*I made some coffee
*The lingerie is washed and dominating the shower
*The dishwasher is running
*There's a load of wash tumbling in the dryer
*The living room is straightened up
*The kitchen sink is empty

I've been a cleaning fool !
Now if the thunder stops, I may go outside and pull out all the grass growing in the mulch.
No, I am not on drugs.
Tyson's working on his new car with his Dad, and I have the house to myself and somehow I am motivated.
At least I am not spending more money that I'm not making.

I think my cell was ringing, maybe it's Pencil Skirt and we can lunch it !!

Happy Saturday !


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