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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today I took care of Tyson. he woke up shaking and with nightsweats, I was so scared i just did what anyone would do. Cold compresses, aspirin, washcloth, blankets. He has the flu. Despite being up till 3 am, he was sick alright. He told me while I was out to get him a copy of a Big Asses magazine. Preferably one of jewish girls with big asses, one called Tuchas. Oh I love that guy.

He has no idea I went to like 6 or 7 gas stations in the ghetto to get him one. My old gas station where I bought 2 packs of cigarettes every other day - the guy who sold me cigarettes helped me pick out the magazine I brought home. I am the greatest girlfriend in the world LOL !

Ok so I did go to the foot doctor finally, and decided to get fabric for my Noni and I also splurged and got a CHIBI CASE ! No pics because the batteries are dead, but it's clear green with opaque tip and cap. I love it and yes I am copying Knittykat. I needed a little something to make me feel special today. So my 4 bucks went a long way. Now all I need are those glittery crochet hooks and some one pound to start a afghan for the living room (Burgundy and Pale Aqua) But not anytime soon.

Erin's baby is fine, and I am relieved. Shame on the hospital for making her worry !
I am up to 3 rows of eyelets on my Mata Hari Socks and I cannot wait to do another pair experimenting with the YO eyelet idea ! I love that the pattern actually adds and takes away a stitch. Something as simple as YO,K2TOG is super exciting. It means no more plain projects. Next up....Feather and Fan ! (no way)

Big Hugs to everyone :)

goodnight ^_^


  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger knittykat said…

    Oh, I'm glad Tyson's okay. I guess sometimes you need a little big butt Jewish porn, eh? ;-)

    Yay for your socks & your Chibi!!! You copycat :-P Are you gonna be a Chibi whore like me? I have 4 :-)

    /Sorry, kinda drunk right now!


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