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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How did you know ?

I am faced with the option to totally change my life at this point.
The hardest question I've ever needed to answer is:
What do I want to do ?

I haven't a clue. In high school they tell you to figure out what you want to do with your life in order to map out a course of study.
I just wanted to be an artist. No math required.
Now, after being an Accounts Receivable Clerk for well over a year - I dont think I am in a super hurry to continue doing that.

The question is, what is the motivation or spark that gives people that - "I wanna be a fireman" thing ?

In my case, not knowing makes me only care about how much money I'd be making and no consideration for what the work is. It's been that way since I was 16, when I got my 1st worker's permit.

Logically I am going to have to take a paycut, which will hurt.
But upon the suggestion of a friend, I think that applying for a secretarial position at the local university (that offers free-ish tuition and a pension if I stay is the way to go.) After 90 days in the system you can ascend the ranks by applying for other jobs in the internal university system for more money.

My mother suggests being a Dental Hygenist so I can make 53 - 68,000.00 a year.
The money sounds great, but will I have to help deliver pain in the most hated profession ? How many dentists kill themselves ?
Hygenists don't get that stigma as much do they ? Do you like yours ?
The last one I saw was very nice, but she still hurt me a little. I wonder how they train for that. Will my boss be indian ? Will his wife take the time to teach me the secrets of Saag Paneer ?

The problem is that I am going through an ADD of sorts. From the second of consciousness I'm trying to solve the problem of unemployment and how to get more money. Am I alone on this ?

Bagel counter clerk, Dry Cleaner Clerk x 2, Movie Store Clerk x 2, Music Store Clerk, Retail Clothing clerk x 3, Server x 5, Bartender x 2, Hostess, Insurance saleswoman, Travel Agent, Call Center Rep x 3, Pier one Assistant Manager, Video Editor, Media Department Assistant, Receptionist, Accounts Recivable Clerk, Office Administrator, Landscaper/Raking Crew

That's just a bunch of things I've done. There's still room for gravedigger.


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