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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I get showered and ready to go do everything I need to do today.
I get in my truck, back out of the driveway, and step on my brakes and my foot goes to the floor and it's still rolling !!
I flipped out, managed to get the truck back into the driveway and called Mr. T.
Yeah I didnt get to go anywhere, or do anything on my list.

Never in my life has this happened, and I am so glad I didnt hurt anyone with no braking power at all in my vehicle.

Still feeling excited for the arrival and readiness of my ring - and enjoying all the ways Mr. T is joking that he will propose.

My #1 pick is for a Man with an organgrinder and a monkey in a little vest to approach me and it turn out to be Tom Waits, who asks me to look at Mr. T because he has something important to ask me. T drops to his knees, and says something beautiful about how much he loves me, and then pulls out the box, opens it and asks. After I say yes, Tom sings and grinds "Jersey Girl" as I slow dance with my guy really close..

Tom Waits, I'll be looking for you - don't think you aren't expected and warned !!!


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